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    Just switched back to the iPhone from a Sprint Android phone. You couldn't PAY me enough to go back. The HTC devices are all clunkers as far as I'm concerned. Android is still nowhere near as smooth or polished as the iPhone OS. The app catalog sucks too. Sprint can throw as many flashy looking phones at the market as they like - I'm sticking with the iPhone.
    My sentiments exactly!
    05-20-2010 09:31 AM
  2. damule6666's Avatar
    Are you.. nuts...
    First of all, the 3GS is a much smoother and more reliable experience than the droid, and the UI on the iPhone is unmatched. My sister has a Milestone (Droid in Canada), and it's really not up to par with my iPhone. Android's UI is hideous, lacks animations, and is completely inconsistent. You can put on the green-coloured glasses all you want, but please don't distort the truth. The Droid is a fine phone and I have nothing against it, but what you're saying is sooo not true.

    Second, the iPhone makes calls just fine, some people have zero issues with AT&T, the complainers will always seem more common because when you're having a great experience with your iPhone you don't rant about it. Not to mention there are other people living in other countries, too. It's not only Americans that use iPhones, and we Canadians have 5 great carriers to choose from, all of which have great coverage.

    If you are all about to each their own and what-not like you claim to be, try not to insult the iPhone so much because if that's all you're going to do I don't see how you can continue to claim to be so neutral about it.
    It was stated by me a few posts back that all these observations were MY experiences....I like the OS and UI MUCH better on my rooted and oc'd droid than on my jb'n iphone 3Gs....

    And its fabulous YOU have great cellular coverage, myself being in the northern burbs of chicago got ****e service...

    And i was more than anything insulting APPLE the co, more than their product.. The iphone was a great product neutered by comrade jobs.. IMHO...dont want to be thought of as an iphone basher, which i am NOT..
    05-20-2010 10:37 AM
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    Seems like this discussion really isn't accomplishing much. I'm glad everyone isn't using an iPhone because then what motivation would Apple have to continue innovating and offer the best darn smartphone experience there is? Personally, I feel sorry for people with other smartphones.
    05-21-2010 05:41 PM
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