1. AlexanderRivera's Avatar
    I know this might sound stupid..but I gave up on the screen protector. Has anyone else done the same? I'm obviously more careful with it now...but I feel like Apple was right...it may not even need one.
    05-13-2010 02:03 AM
  2. Jellotime91's Avatar
    Yep.. I had an invisible shield on my 3G but after it got all dirty I just took it off and I was done with screen protectors for good.. Now been using the 3GS for almost a year with no screen protector without a scratch in sight. It really doesn't need a screen protector, just don't drop it ha..
    05-13-2010 02:19 AM
  3. mo98's Avatar
    It's all about peace of mind for me. I'm careful with my phones but things do happen. I just use the cheaper ones that come with speck and switcheasy cases.
    I find it hard to believe that the screen won't get some of those hairline scratches after a few months. When you guys say there are no scratches do you really mean no scratches at all.
    05-13-2010 08:16 AM
  4. Caballera's Avatar
    I wasn't using a screen protector on my iPhone 3GS for a number of months. Then I ordered one for 'just in case', that I ended up procrastinating putting on, and of course I ended up accidentally dropping my iPhone in the Post Office parking lot while mailing packages. I was actually writing addresses on the packages and set the phone down on my lap for a second, then I while thinking about the packages I stood up and the phone dropped face first into the ground. no major scratches on the screens, just some tiny ones that I find annoying. Wish I would have put the screen protector on.

    I purchased this case that came with the 'mirrored' screen protector which looks great. http://store.tipb.com/case-mate-bare...4A123A5564.htm
    05-13-2010 08:32 AM
  5. mth785's Avatar
    I've never used a screen protector on any of my iPhones, never saw a reason to.
    05-13-2010 08:34 AM
  6. JohnH59's Avatar
    I haven't ever had a screen protector and to date, zero scratches. Now I'm sure I just jinxed myself.
    05-13-2010 08:38 AM
  7. BLiNK's Avatar
    i've had one on since day one. i do not really like that fact that i have to use one, but glad i did

    i've dropped my phone 3 times in almost a year and every time its landed on the face of the device

    i am constantly changing out protectors due to the fact that any imperfections on or behind them bother me every time i look at it.

    yes, i am OCD
    05-13-2010 08:48 AM
  8. Krypto74's Avatar
    I have tried them out once, but after a few days I took it off. I'm pretty neurotic in making sure I baby the device, and 14 months later is has one slight imperfection near the earpiece speaker and that's it.
    05-13-2010 09:33 AM
  9. Guzman's Avatar
    I have one because if I ever do scratch the thing I'll go crazy. I have one on my wife's because she isn't careful with hers. Don't have one on my iPad though so I'm getting close to taking it off the iPhone. I have a good quality matte finish so no fingerprints but it's killed the quality of te screen.
    05-13-2010 09:59 AM
  10. lungho's Avatar
    I've also had one since day one. But I've used several different ones too. I've found that the cheap ones take away from the sensitivity of the touchscreen while higher end brands, like SwitchEasy, are simply better. Their quality beats the competition by miles.
    05-13-2010 01:38 PM
  11. big9erfan's Avatar
    I have a Zagg screen protector. It's saved my screen. My phone is pristine thanks to that and my InCase Slider.
    05-13-2010 02:00 PM
  12. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    I've never had a screen protector on any of my 3 iPhones or my iPad.
    05-13-2010 03:08 PM
  13. bergman's Avatar
    I'm on my second iPhone and I go without a screen protector. Just treat it well and you'll be fine. I hated the screen protectors on my Palm devices too.
    05-13-2010 03:11 PM
  14. iquinn's Avatar
    I have never used a scree protector ever, no scratches on my 3GS. I use the invisible shield for the body and that has worked really well
    05-13-2010 04:22 PM
  15. lonbeehold's Avatar
    No screen protector. I used one on my 3G but really like the coating on the 3GS and think a screen protector defeats its purpose. No scratches.
    05-13-2010 11:47 PM
  16. Jellotime91's Avatar
    I actually find the oleophobic coating quite helpful too. It prevents the buildup of finger grease from causing friction on the screen. It's very nice. Although in my first 3GS I did somehow wear a hole through it.
    05-13-2010 11:50 PM
  17. zhelf's Avatar
    i never used a screen protector on my 3G and never had any scratches and ive only tried an antiglare a few times on my 3gs but only for a day

    I have had my 3gs since launch day and never dropped and dont put in my pocket with anything no scratches or anything of the sort!
    05-14-2010 07:40 AM
  18. Barrett316's Avatar
    wow, i'm kind of shocked that the scratching was the main cause of concern, because i just cant stand fingerprints. i have an anti-glare screen protector under an otterbox screen and my phone that i got on 3GS launch could pass for brand new. i just thought it funny that people are more worried about scratches than figerprints, because i hate looking at a dirty phone.
    05-14-2010 09:12 AM
  19. ghostface147's Avatar
    Bareback for me
    05-14-2010 09:40 AM
  20. Idelgado782's Avatar
    I've used several type, from zagg to privacy screen to mirrored to plain and I think the phone is by far the best WITHOUT one.
    05-14-2010 09:37 PM
  21. isaac65's Avatar
    I haven't used one for quite a while, but I keep it in a micro suede sleeve when I'm not using it. Unlike the screen, the casing is very prone to scratching and I HATE scratches.
    05-15-2010 07:38 AM
  22. chobbs1's Avatar
    I've never put a screen protector on my 3GS and no scratches to date. My screen is crystal clear. I do have a case that covers the face when not in use, though. As far as finger prints? I just wipe them away, no prob.
    05-15-2010 12:18 PM
  23. suitebliss's Avatar
    I have a mirrored screen protector on my iphone, but I honestly use it as a mirror only. The iphone really doesn't need a screen protector on it.
    05-15-2010 11:11 PM
  24. alled's Avatar
    I used a LCD screen protector for my iphone. It Protects my LCD against scratching, scraping, and abrasion.
    05-17-2010 04:58 AM
  25. Chris71's Avatar
    I currently have a anti glare one on mine and seriously thinking about taking it off. from the posts here it sounds like the 3GS screen is pretty stout.
    05-17-2010 08:02 AM
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