1. Snowjoggs's Avatar

    I experienced a big jump in my phone bill after I recently got my 3GS.

    After looking at the details on my bill it seems that it have charged me for data traffic for every mailsync I have done while my phone have been in standby mode, even though I have a active WLAN connection before my iPhone either goes into or is set to standby.

    Am I correct in assuming 3GS does not support WLAN to be active in standby mode, and therefor it will always sync emails using normal cell 3G connection?
    05-10-2010 03:48 AM
  2. Jellotime91's Avatar
    Wifi turns off in standby mode I believe yes... Do you not have a data plan at all? You should jailbreak and turn off 3G and Edge.
    05-10-2010 11:18 AM