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    My jailbroken iPod touch 2g, 3.1.2 firmware and MC-model can't open up settings anymore! When i tap settings, it shows an empty settings background screen and then it goes back to home. Help!! Before this, i was using an app called Xtreme Preferences, installed through Cydia. But today as i wanted to edit something, tapped on settings, on xtreme preferences then the app told me there was some error and i couldn't go further but back into my settings menu. So i deinstalled this app. But when i went back to my settings, or wanted to, i couldn't go into settings!! Help! I have rebooted my iPod (tethered, so rejailbroken) and still can't open up settings. I really don't want to do a restore because i don't want to lose all my jailbroken apps and videos i downloaded with them.
    05-06-2010 10:17 AM