1. Dawkins Bull-Terrier's Avatar
    I have a 3g 16gb iphone and is jailbroken. had no problems at all untill today after i dropped it, not from a great hight but onto flooring, dont know if this has made the keyboard not work but it wont let me type on the youtube app to search, or the app store to search and wont let me even change screens on facebook app, other are fine! whats going on please help i cant live without my iphone!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.
    04-24-2010 10:22 AM
  2. Dawkins Bull-Terrier's Avatar
    Crisis over.....i forgot to switch Force TV Out to off! trying to use the TV Out App to watch sky sports on my tv earlier, couldnt get that to work tho, any help with that would be great. thanks
    04-24-2010 10:46 AM
  3. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    Phew, glad it all worked out!
    04-24-2010 11:31 AM
  4. Dawkins Bull-Terrier's Avatar
    Phew, glad it all worked out!
    Your glad, lol. I was about to steal the missus iPhone i was that worried, cant live without it now, its like a second brain, but better than my first one, lol
    04-25-2010 10:28 AM