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  1. Pr3mier's Avatar
    Have any of you checked out Swype or SlideIT for Android and WinMo phones? It looks like a neat way to type. I wouldn't mind trying it out if it was available on the iPhone. Ill try anything to type better on my phone.

    EDIT: Looks like the appstore has something called Shapewriter. Anyone tried it out? What do you think? It looks like you have to enter text into a separate app and have it copied into your email/sms. Too bad it's not integrated into the stock keyboard.
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    03-07-2010 09:02 PM
  2. ronin1's Avatar
    Watch this video on YouTube = _hk89QsONik

    in SlideIT site it's written "SlideIT for iPhone will be available soon for download"
    03-08-2010 03:11 AM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    I was given an Omnia II for review. My favorite feature on it was Swype. I liked it so much I had to install it on my Diamond II. I wish it were available on the iPhone, but unless someone comes up with a jailbreak version, we'll still be stuck writing in the Swype-like application and copy pasting back to wherever we want to use it.
    03-08-2010 08:27 AM
  4. ronin1's Avatar
    I hear everyone talking about Swype, which isnt even out yet when Ive been using SlideIT for a while now and LOVE it. Ive used the Swype beta and I gotta say, SlideIT just works better. Its dictionary is better, its word prediction is better and its way of choosing alternate words is better. Instead of forcing you to choose from a popup menu, it makes its best guess then gives you an unobtrusive menu of alternate words to choose from in case it got it wrong. Please, try SlideIT, its a superior keyboad and its already available.
    07-11-2010 07:21 AM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    The problem, of course, is nobody wants a standalone keyboard on the iPhone. That is to say, we want one (whether it's Swype or SlideIT) integrated into the core functions of the device so that we can use it from within every application that uses a keyboard. It's next to useless if we have to call it up as a stand alone app and then paste what we've typed into the app where text is required. The time wasted defeats the point of having a faster keyboard input.
    07-11-2010 08:31 AM
  6. noaim's Avatar
    I doubt apple will every open up a api to replace the keyboard sad because yes android did it I had it on my android phone and you could switch between keyboards but the positives of iphone outweigh what I lose if I stick with android
    07-11-2010 02:47 PM