1. osensnolf's Avatar
    I dropped my phone from the nightstand onto the padded carpet floor yesterday and now, I am losing about 10% better life per how - when it use to be less than 5%.

    The phone is in a case, did not crack the screen or reset the phone. It just all of the sudden became VERY slow and some apps do not respond. I have restarted the phone.

    Should I restore from a backup or reinstall OS 3.1.2?

    Also, is it common for the phone to do this after dropping for such a short distance?
    02-22-2010 07:39 AM
  2. kensai's Avatar
    It is strange in fact, you could try restoring it, but I doubt it would do anything. It seems some internal part got damaged in the fall. Which in fact is strange too, because I have seen iPhone drop from larger distances onto cement and they continue to function well, even screen doesn't crack as easily.
    02-22-2010 11:27 AM
  3. flyingember's Avatar
    how long have you had the phone?

    the drop could have been a coincidence around the same time it hit it's end of life
    02-22-2010 11:48 AM
  4. Pr3mier's Avatar
    srry i cant send link cause i jst got started
    could you PM me that link? I just PM'ed you also with the same request.
    My gf is having the same problem as the OP.
    02-25-2010 05:15 PM