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    I am on iTunes in the App Store. And there are a few free apps where the link does not appear to be live. On most, you can simply click the get app button. But some are not live buttons.

    I am using the iTunes software that is on my hard drive, accessing the iTunes online.

    Today Show, Engadget, USA Today, AP Mobile, Huffington Post, even the WhiteHouse are some of the examples of Apps that are ... not "downlaodable"

    Can you check to see if these are available to you?
    Can you give me a reason why i cannot download these?

    (I have a iPhone, 3GS, 32G, nearly empty still... i am pretty new to this... )

    Can you assist me?
    Thanks in advance~!
    01-22-2010 02:08 PM
  2. cattiva's Avatar
    they have never heard of this before. wondering if anyne else has ever had this problem.... ?
    01-22-2010 02:38 PM
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    are you logged into the store? is your credit card current on the account?
    01-22-2010 04:04 PM
  4. cattiva's Avatar
    yes to both

    Update: figured it out... after 2.5 hrs on the phone with apple.... turns out my parental controls were clicked... to 4+... i guess four year olds don't get the news.
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    01-22-2010 04:35 PM