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    (if this topic has been covered elsewhere, please direct me to it. thanks)
    i recently received a hand-me-down original iphone for use when my current t-mobile contract expires in a few months.

    My question regards the Dock Connector. The iphone indicates that it is plugged into a dock connector (when it is not), therefore any ipod or application audio will not play through the bottom speaker. Yesterday I stopped by the local electronics store and placed the iphone in a cd-player shelf system with a dock connector, thinking this would reset the iphone. well, it didn't, in fact, when placed in the dock, the iphone audio comes on (and the Dock Connector notice goes away). Essentially, the iphone dock connector audio option is switched.

    I restarted/rebooted the iphone from scratch (again, thinking this would resolve the issue. it didn't) i cleaned the pins with a soft cloth, q-tip and crisp dollar bill (read that tip somewhere) and used compressed air to get of the accumulated lint and junk.

    still the problem persists......

    as i said, it's a second hand original iphone, so forget about the warranty. should i consider the Genius Bar, even though i am not an ATT customer?
    01-21-2010 12:44 PM
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    UPDATE now it is continuously switching modes.

    very strange
    01-21-2010 01:03 PM