1. chakjaw's Avatar
    Does anyone know where I can find information on which screw goes where when reassembling an iphone 3G?

    I dissassembled my iphone 3G to let it dry out after it went through the wash. The screws I took out got mixed up. I know how to reassemble it except that I do not know which size screw to use in each place. The help I have found online says something to the effect of "put in the screw you took out earlier", which is not much help when I do not know which screw came from where. Thanks!
    01-18-2010 03:23 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Search for some take apart videos on the net. You may be able to see the screws in the videos. I know they are out there, just have to search around. Good luck.
    01-19-2010 12:56 AM
  3. chakjaw's Avatar
    Thanks Jeremy. I have watched 6 or 7 of the disassembly videos and have yet to find one on which I can tell which screws are which (some say "keep your screws sorted as you take them out" though!).
    01-19-2010 02:14 PM