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    So this has been boggling me for months now. The solution's probably something little that I haven't thought of yet, but I'd appreciate it if someone can help me out.

    I actually work at AT&T and routinely send out emails to a large group of people, which they will very often read directly on their iPhones (3GS's and 3G's). One of these is a regular monthly communication (newsletter of sorts) that is a little bit lengthy which I first create in Microsoft Word and then copy/paste. It usually includes 20-30 images (various sizes) embedded throughout the message (i.e. a person's photo next to some info about them). This looks really great on the computer in Microsoft Outlook, but when it is viewed on the iPhone is where I'm running into trouble.

    Here's my problem: Very rarely does it show correctly on the iPhone. It puts all the images at the end of the message so that nothing looks correct. So basically it comes out as a big jumbled mess to the reader instead of a nice flowing message like it looks like on a PC. I've also noticed that embedded hyperlinks show the whole address instead of just the link.

    This is very aggravating and I've been trying to figure out the reason that it is doing this for a while now. Like I said above, it RARELY looks right, but every once in a while it snaps out just fine, which obviously tells me there's some way to do it.

    Is it because the document I'm working on in MS Word is formatted too wide? I tried cutting it to "screen" size of 6 1/2 inches, that didn't seem to work.

    Is it because the file is too large? I was originally working with the email being about 1.2 MB including all the images, and have since tried compressing all images before sending and I'm down to about 250 KB for the message and still no luck.

    If there is anyone out there that is knowledgeable on this topic of how to get my html emails to auto-format when someone opens them on the iPhone 3GS, or a list of "rules" that the message must adhere to for the iPhone to display it correctly, I'd LOVE to hear it. Thanks
    01-18-2010 02:30 AM