1. Gee8273's Avatar
    When I try to view certain pics or videos it says that I need to install flash player but, when I try to install it it says that apple doesn't allow it. What do I do? Also, when I try to view movies etc... It will play for a couple of minutes then stop and when I press play again it will only play for a few seconds at a time. Any suggestions??? I am using an unlocked iPhone with a tmobile plan. Thank you.
    01-15-2010 04:57 PM
  2. drian's Avatar
    You complain to apple... there's no flash for iphone

    The only thing I've heard of is imobilecinema, but I don't know if that still works.
    01-15-2010 05:30 PM
  3. flyingember's Avatar
    There is no flash alternative.

    On the movies, can you post a link to one?
    01-15-2010 06:26 PM
  4. Gee8273's Avatar
    What do you mean post a link?
    01-15-2010 07:06 PM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    A link to the movies you're trying to view that stop after a minute. Or did you mean movies that you'd sync'd to your iPhone?
    01-16-2010 07:02 AM
  6. chobbs1's Avatar
    the movies playing and stopping are likely a connection problem. when movies are being streamed to you Iphone you need a solid connection to your network. does this happen while you are on WiFi?
    01-16-2010 01:37 PM