1. slalomskie's Avatar
    I have three "other" type e-mail accounts on my iphone 3gs 3.1.2(7D11)
    They are all with the same e-mail server. All three have the same type settings just different usersnames.

    One account and one account only will close after I open it and it checks for new e-mail. The other two type accounts work just fine. Every time I open it it will download the same e-mails so it will duplicate the e-mails I have then close itself.

    If I go back to another e-mail account before it finishes downloading I can view my other accounts but not the one I have issues with.

    I have deleted that account, went to the e-mail server and cleaned out all the e-mails and re installed on the iphone. Still the same problem.

    I have deleted that one account and cleared out the cache in safari and re installed for the same problem.

    I have re synced the iphone with iTunes 9.02.025 and still the same problem.

    Anybody know what is going on???? Ran into this before or have this problem now? Please help.
    01-11-2010 08:10 PM
  2. flyingember's Avatar

    can you explain what you do and what happens, including specific button presses?
    01-12-2010 08:14 AM
  3. chobbs1's Avatar
    Give us more specifics on the type of email account and the email server. Perhaps it is not a problem with the iPhone but the email server itself. What kind of security does it have? Etc...
    01-13-2010 11:55 PM