1. djhash's Avatar

    i got this iphone 3G 16 GB from my friend and every thig was fine as i have never delt with iPhone before so experience was kinda rough n bad.. 1st i updated the software version of my iphone to. 1.3.2 somthing n then next my sim stopped working so i tried to do the jailbreak thing which didnt work out so i had to restore my iphone back in to factory position which means i did somthing sh*ty with it and now i have An iPhone in factory mode saying that i can dial only emergency calls ..... means i feel like banging my head in the wall or somthing like that because no 1 was able to help n guide me how n wat to do ...

    before this i felt i was a genious with computers n mobiles but feel like a failure so if any ... any 1 can help me out with this iphone 3G thing please help me i m not in any kinda hurry please i m reay to learn from ABCD just guide me step by step n i will be so glad n proud to be a part of your forums .....

    i more info i want to share i m a resident in Dubai ( united Araba Emirates ) and i am using Etisalat mobile phone service. please i want some 1 to respond me ASAP thank you
    12-29-2009 11:40 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    Go download Blackra1n, and once you plug your iPhone in to your computer and get the prompt to activate/restore/whatever, just run the program and tap the Make it rain button. Check the jailbreak forum for lots more discussion/instructions on this.
    12-30-2009 09:19 AM