1. LuisT#IM's Avatar
    Alright, so I got my iPhone this month (1st Generation) and I'm using a T-Mobile Sim Card with it. It was unlocked with BlackRain (bootneuter).

    It seems like there is a problem with texting. From one of the people on my contract list, I can not get a text? He'll get most of my texts messages and Ill get some of his too. He has an iPhone too?

    Is there anything that can resolve this? Should I remove my sim card or something?

    It seems like he's the only person its happening to.

    12-28-2009 06:44 PM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    if it's only happening with him it sounds like it's on his end
    12-29-2009 08:17 AM
  3. OmariJames's Avatar
    This might be a dumb question but do you ever see the red exclamation sign ?
    12-29-2009 08:00 PM