1. foreverbfc's Avatar
    Ok, i've ready through the forum and have found my answer in regard to transferring contents off my iphone to a "NEW COMPUTER."

    Here's a little background before the official question (for clarity):

    My laptop was stolen with all my music, contacts & digital movies, I have no backup of my music/info whatsoever. I purchased a new laptop and need to directly transfer my media from my iphone to my computer.

    After reading through the forum, there are several people who have recommended PAID thrid party apps to do just this; however, with my wallet close to empty, I really don't feel like dishing out $20 for something that I swore I found free somewhere on the net.

    Does anyone know how I can perform this process for FREE? or FREE software that would enable me to successfully complete this?

    I would greatly appreciate it. If you need further clarity on my needs, please ask...

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    12-25-2009 06:36 PM