1. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    With it being the holidays and such I though I would ask the question. What are you bringing with you to your relatives or wherever you are traveling for these festive times.

    I know I will not have a computer with me so my iPhone will do the trick. I am staying in my country so I do not have to worry about those pesky roaming charges. I will also take some battery cases and what not for the long trip down.

    What will you be taking with you?
    12-25-2009 03:05 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Just my iPhone. I have a car charger for the trip if needed.
    12-25-2009 12:09 PM
  3. baller785's Avatar
    if you are traveling this holiday season, the app to download is 'Near to Here'. It's a really cool worldwide tour guide - it layers wikipedia to your location so whenever you are around anything cool, you get alerted with the wikipedia entry about what you are near. Very cool way to learn about new and old places.

    Full disclosure, I am the developer of this app, so obviously I give it high praise, but would love to hear feedback. It just came out this week and is already top 25 downloaded travel app.

    Thanks so much!
    12-25-2009 12:34 PM
  4. Brickman's Avatar
    Not traveling much this Holiday Season but when I do all I take with me is my iPhone. It has gotten to where even when I go on business trips, unless I am doing a PP presentation that I need a laptop, I only take my iPhone. 3G, WiFi, Email, Games, and a great browser, what else do I need.
    12-25-2009 01:57 PM
  5. DainBramage1's Avatar
    Well, I only traveled across town this Christmas, but showed a few family members and friends (also iPhone users) my newly jailbroken iPhone, and for the most part, they weren't blown away. I've got LockInfo, Winterboard, vWallpaper, Categories and Backgrounder. Most of them really aren't techies, and basically weren't even interested, and a couple who were slightly interested wouldn't have considered such a "scary" thing! Anyone else have similar responses/reactions?
    12-26-2009 03:47 AM
  6. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    Well. My short trip is at an end this fine boxing day and my iPhone did wonders. Never need to take the old laptop again. Also due to the fact that after getting my new i7 iMac I can't go back to windows. You did me well iPhone. You did me well.

    Now time to watch the World Juniors and see Canada deliver a nice beating to Latvia.
    12-26-2009 02:11 PM
  7. big9erfan's Avatar
    My phone has been going with me to my parents, my gf's parents, my gf's cousin's and my gf's aunt's house and all the errands in between. It's been used as a GPS to get to the cousins, to look up bluetooth instructions and screw around with Tap Tap Revenge 3.

    I'm quite pleased with my iPhone
    12-26-2009 02:16 PM
  8. lungho's Avatar
    The wife and I went out to dinner tonight near one of the big mall/hotel/Christmas spectacles in the state. Traffic is totally crazy however I forgot how inefficient the traffic lights are this time of year. Traffic was backed up for miles on both off ramps. And the way I came was starting to look the same.

    No problem. I whip out my iPhone and power up the good ol GPS which relies on AT&T's network, no doubt. In just a few seconds, I've plotted a course around this mess using backroads I've never even seen before. We are in and out of the restaurant with a good meal in our bellies and without all the headaches the rest of those poor people were going through.

    May as well paint a big S on my phone because it's got me through plenty of situations like this before.
    12-26-2009 09:34 PM
  9. vanityeverlastingbonet's Avatar
    Um I believe everybody take their cells with them.
    12-27-2009 01:35 AM
  10. KStewart's Avatar
    Some of these thread topics are just plain hilarious.
    12-27-2009 04:51 AM
  11. martind81's Avatar
    Yeah iPhone is awesome when you travel. I was in New York in june (I live in Europe) and was so happy to have Skype with me. I was able to call everyone via Wifi, so cool. But don't forget to disable Data Roaming when you're abroad!
    01-01-2010 09:09 AM