1. BigBen999's Avatar
    Hi, all. Bit of a newbie, here, so any help please be basic.
    I got mu iphone last Tuesday. Ever since, I cannot access my email via the phone. I have double-checked my email settings, but still cannot conect.

    I have spoken to my provider, Orange.uk and they say the problems with my mail server. I used to acces my mail on Blackberry Bold 9000 without a problem, but cant on iphone.
    My provider, Orange, blame my isp provider, and my isp provider(ntlworld.com) blame orange. Al;l the while I cannot access my email.

    Any help, greatfully accepted.
    12-22-2009 01:46 PM
  2. henryjsaunders's Avatar

    Check this website out and see if it works for you (its for o2 only but that seems to be where most people are complaining about NTWORLD)
    O2 Forum :: View topic - smtp server problems with ntlworld
    12-23-2009 04:51 PM