1. Blastfurnace's Avatar
    Hello all,

    My boss's boss has one of the first 3Gs phones. He is trying to upgrade it to 3.1.2 and it says synced but even if he leaves it synced all night it will not finish the upgrade to 3.1.2.

    I have a two month old 3GS and it jumped right up to 3.1.2. Then I JB'd it and life has never been better.

    BUT his has never been JB. Just hangs up at the upgrade. I am thinking of advising him to Restore his phone then retry the upgrade. he is worried he will lose his contacts.

    SO I am want to tell him sync his contacts then do a restore then upgrade but I will NOT tell him this if it is a bad move. Please advise if you have any thoughts....

    he actually owns the company so helping him with his phone is major points for me....

    12-15-2009 02:25 PM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    does it get stuck downloading or upgrading? what is it doing in the morning?

    what version of tunes is he on?

    don't just sync the contacts. sync everything and then do a full backup. only then restore. part of the restore it downloads the latest firmware and updates it.
    12-15-2009 03:27 PM