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  1. fabthefab's Avatar

    I am planning to buy my first iPhone soon and I have a few general questions, as well as questions on jailbreaking, that I was hoping someone could answer. I'm not an expert so forgive me if they sound obvious. As you may be aware O2 was up until a short while ago the only carrier in the UK for the iPhones. Recently Orange have entered the market and Vodafone will also be selling the iPhone from early next year. O2 were so annoyed to have lost their exclusivity contract with Apple that they decided to offer customers the option to unlock the iPhone rather than losing out on sales. I can't post a link here but for more information see the UK version of the O2 website, click on iPhone help, type 'unlocking' in the search box and view topic 'Can I unlock my iPhone and use it on another network?'.

    To my knowledge, O2 is the only carrier to offer a legal unlock at the moment, albeit only after 12 months on Pay and Go. Of course I don't like the idea of being tied up to any particular network and I'm happy with my non-O2 Pay as You Go sim card. I have done a little research and as far as I can tell I have a few options:

    Option 1. Buy a Pay n Go iPhone from O2, wait 12 months and have it unlocked the legal way.
    Option 2. Buy a Pay n Go iPhone from O2, jailbreak it so I can use my non-O2 sim card in the UK and other local simcards when travelling abroad, then reinsert the original O2 simcard after 12 months and have it legally unlocked.
    Option 3. Buy a Pay n Go iPhone from either O2, Orange of Vodafone, jailbreak it and use it as it is.
    Option 4. Buy a Factory Unlocked iPhone on eBay, although they tend to be far more expensive and usually from dodgy sellers.

    I think my best option would be No 2 and my second best No 3. And now the questions:

    Q 1. Will Option 2 work? Will O2 know the phone has been used jailbroken in the meantime?
    Q 2. How easy and above all, safe, is it to jailbreak an iPhone?
    Q 3. Do software programmes like blackra1n etc really work?
    Q 4. Is there at any point the possibility of the iPhone permanently locking or not booting up and becoming totally unusable, particulary when doing option 2?
    Q 5. If I jailbreak the iPhone I won't be able to connect to iTunes and pick up software updates, correct?
    Q 6. If I inadvertently connect a jailbroken iphone to iTunes and it locks, will I be able to unlock it again?
    Q 7. Is there a set number of times an iPhone can be jailbroken/unlocked?
    Q 8. What things should be absolutely avoided when jailbreaking an iPhone and throughout its subsequent daily use?

    Sorry, I know it's a rather long post but would be really grateful if someone could shed some light if possible, other people at my knowledge level will also probably benefit from reading this!

    Thank you!
    12-09-2009 09:46 AM
  2. BENGRIMM's Avatar
    I dont know enough about the UK plans but I can answer some of your Questions .
    Q 1 They will never know you JB

    Q 2. Very easy and safe

    Q 3. Blackra1n work perfect , only hicupp is the new boot loader and tethered JB

    Q 4. Alaways a possibility , but thank god for back ups and restores

    Q 5. You can always conect to ITUNES and get carrier updates , Firmware updates are the issue

    Q 6. yeah just re Jailbreak

    Q 7. You can re jailbreak and unlock everyday if you want

    Q 8. dont install ICY

    Hope this all helps , check out all the post on here , research will help
    12-09-2009 09:56 AM