1. genesis1982's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Hoping your could help me with a little problem I seem to be having with my iPhone 3gs version 3.1.2 (not jailbroken) on Movistar's network in Spain.

    Every time I reboot/restart the phone, after about five minutes a black screen pops up with Cancel/Accept buttons at the bottom. Almost identical to the screen that I see when I get a phone call. Not sure if this is happening with other people's iPhones. I tried posting a pic or a link to one, but I'm new here so it wouldn't let me. I've definitely narrowed the cause down to the restart just not sure why it's happening. Never happened with my iPhone 2g.

    Any help would be great! If you've never seen anything like this that's cool too

    12-06-2009 02:09 PM