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    Hello everyone so I will try to explain this the best I can. So I am rebuilding a iphone 2g 4gb, I would like to let you know in advance that I have ton of expreince with fixing phones (blackberrys motrola and palm) and some what experince with iPhones, so I was in the process of changing the ear speaker on the phone recently and everthing was going fine I used a how to guide, I just put the Dam mobo back on ( which i would like to say is a MAJOR PAIN IN THE A**) I turned the phone back on and next thing I know the microphone and the home button dont work so I took it apart again and redid it and it still doesnt work, First question what happend I was grounded and everthing and secondly I just bought a new 8gb mobo for it and was wondering if this will fix the problem PLEASE help! and when i mean mobo it is the logic board connected to the battery.
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    You're on your own when you mess with the hardware. We can't see it

    you might look for one of those online take apart guides
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