1. windchyme-donna's Avatar
    I have loved my iPhone since the day they came out and tried to convince my husband of its vast superiorty. Until this month, he has had to use a Blackberry for work because they are connected to the Enterprise system. The company now says iPhones are okay and he has decided he wants one. I have a few questions though on how this works, maybe someone can enlighten me.

    If you have the enterprise system on your iPhone, does it have to be synched with a work computer?

    If you have a 2 iphone household, can you synch 2 iPhones to the same computer? I just assumed he would check the boxes of the music from my iTunes account that he wanted.

    If the phone does have to be synched to a work computer (they do not allow any sound applications on their computers) can it be synched with a second computer?

    Any help would be appreciated.
    11-25-2009 09:23 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    I would imagine what he will be syncing will be his Exchange account, which will be OTA and only his contacts, calendar, mail. He should be able to sync at home for apps and media. But the only way to be sure is for him to ask his IT people.
    11-26-2009 12:01 AM
  3. flyingember's Avatar
    definently have him get with his IT dept. but Alli is right about what activesync syncs

    just be aware if you use activesync then your only other wireless sync option for a second contacts source wirelessly is mobileme
    11-27-2009 01:58 PM