1. cktan's Avatar

    I just got my iphone 3gs 32gig. running on 3.1.2 OS, jailbroken.

    The iphone was working fine, with all the normal problems....

    But suddenly on my last update in itunes, I found that I am unable to delete or even move the icons around.

    Anyone knows how this happened? Did I inadvertently turn on or set something wrongly?

    The installed programs are running fine...and I cannot find anything else not functioning properly.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    11-25-2009 08:57 AM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    Try to reboot if that does not work restore as new.
    11-25-2009 08:59 AM
  3. cktan's Avatar
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I did a reboot and it didn't work.

    Restoring is my last option and only if I am unable to find a solution.
    11-25-2009 09:02 AM
  4. Tramain's Avatar
    Try this Settings>General>Reset>Reset Home Screen Layout.
    11-25-2009 09:09 AM
  5. flyingember's Avatar
    restore it from new. you ran into the break part of jailbreak

    also, there's an entire jailbreak section to these forums
    11-25-2009 09:09 AM
  6. BENGRIMM's Avatar
    I had this same issue , I would push a app icon to move it and nothing would just wiggle , I would have to restart after that . Then I restored and it all went away , I still have to hold the icon for a second or two more when ever I want to change a icon . I have found that when I move an Icon to or from the dock its worse .

    So sorry to say but Restoring was the only option I found that works .
    11-25-2009 10:37 AM
  7. Bonpeach's Avatar
    From my experience restoring is the only way out, a pain I know, but necessary
    11-25-2009 01:35 PM