1. cobra302's Avatar
    ok, so i've had this issue a few times and its starting to really annoy me. sometimes when i plug my iphone into my laptop, and after it syncs with itunes, i go into my ipod portion, and all my music is gone. the itunes screen shows that music is on there, and evertything looks fine except there is nothing there. the iphone shows that the memory is used, but when i open the ipod, i cant even press any buttons. it just says go to itunes to get music, its a generic screen. i had to re-sync 5 times last night just to get the music back on the phone where i could see it. i'm scared to re-sync again. anyone else have this issue, or know of a fix for it? i found some threads about it on the apple support site, but no one seems to have any kind of an answer. thanks
    11-18-2009 04:35 PM