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    Please help. I am strongly considering the purchase of an Iphone, 3gs, 16gb. what and how do I begin use? I am not a complete ***** but not as savvy as I am sure many of you are. What accessories are necessary? Can I convert files from my Palm Centro to my Iphone? This used to be a problem, right? And if I can sync the two will my music follow as well? Any ground level information will be appreciated.
    11-18-2009 08:45 AM
  2. fridayxiii's Avatar
    Congrats on considering one of the best phones available today. Well, IMNSHO, the best.

    One thing I'd consider is: what carrier are you going to use? If you're sticking w/AT&T, is coverage (voice & 3G) good in your area? If not, are you ready to search, read, and learn about how to unlock your phone for use on T-Mo?

    Accessories are individual to everyone's taste. I use the stock iPhone earbuds for listening to music & hands-free phone use, and have added a Barely There case by case mate to protect my beauty. Depending on how much you use your phone & all the goodies packed therein, battery life might be an issue as it is w/many mobile computing devices. I have an extra USB cable & wall charger that I take w/my everywhere, and you may consider the same. There are a bajillion cases available, and Bluetooth ear pieces too, but the extra charger is something I couldn't live w/out.

    You didn't specify what file types you wanna convert from your Centro to the iPhone, so I can't comment there.

    As for music, if you're like me, you have a library of MP3's saved somewhere on your PC (internal HDD or external backup drive). When I got my iPod for X-mas last year I installed iTunes & pointed it to my library. When I got my iPhone in July it automatically picked up all the music in iTunes easy peazy. With my previous phone (Samsung Instinct), I just transferred music via Windows Explorer (using USB), but if you point iTunes to your source folder/library, I don't think you'd have a problem. New files should be picked up by iTunes, and you can therefore transfer to either or both phones as needed.

    HTH some...
    11-18-2009 09:17 AM
  3. Ipheuria's Avatar
    If you could ask some specific questions of the things you may be wondering how to do. I also second using a case on the phone. I've never run mine without a case since I've owned it. Go to each forum and read through some of the threads you'll gain alot of knowledge and info. The 3Gs is awesome you should be happy
    11-18-2009 09:57 PM