1. johnpiano's Avatar
    This is my first time (please be gentle!) to join a blog forum. My question is: does anyone know WHY there is a limit to the number of pages (screens) for downloading/installing Apps on the iPhone?? Is anyone else furious about this like I am? I have the 3GS with 32 GB of memory and I don't understand why there should be any limit to the number of Apps that I can have on my iPhone at the same time!
    11-15-2009 03:06 PM
  2. mth785's Avatar
    11 pages, 180 apps, do you really need more? I personally find that anymore than 5 or 6 pages get a little unwieldy. Are there really 180 apps that you use regularly?
    To fill 32GB with nothing but apps, would take more than a thousand apps.
    11-15-2009 05:10 PM
  3. anon(1458)'s Avatar
    180? Jesus im good to have 20 lol
    11-15-2009 05:13 PM
  4. darksniper404's Avatar
    Lmao maybe so you can find an app? Why would you ever need more than 6 pages? I hate a overfilled springboard I only have 15 apps or so, if you really need it jailbreak and get categories so you can have folders and have like 3000 apps if that's your thing.
    11-15-2009 05:53 PM
  5. IGoSlo's Avatar
    I hope you 've downloaded FREE APPs. If you have that much CASH...SEND IT MY WAY. I'm like the rest of the posters, Why do you need that many APPS. I know it's YOUR iPhone and your entitled to do whatever you wish but 180 APPS? That's going a LITTLE OVERBOARD isn't it ? I may have 5 or 6 out of 14 that I use regularly. Other than that they become data dust and clutter. LOL
    11-15-2009 06:09 PM
  6. DRTigerlilly's Avatar
    AFAIK the phone is only limited by the size of the internal hd/flash memory, for installation
    what it is limited to in terms of numbers of apps, is the number of apps that will appear w/in the pages.

    Maybe an app like Stacks would be good for you.
    11-15-2009 06:14 PM
  7. zarquon's Avatar
    Well so much for being gentle; why is everyone jumping on this guy? So he likes a lot of apps, what's that to anyone else? I have probably 80 or so myself.

    On a more helpful note, the 11 pages just limits how many icons you can see; you can still add more apps if you want, you just have to use the Spotlight search to access them...
    11-15-2009 08:37 PM
  8. johnpiano's Avatar
    Thank you, Zarquon! At least you tried to be helpful! Can you be even more helpful and tell me how I add extra Apps and find them with Spotlight? I know about Spotlight, but where and how do I add he Apps after my 11 pages are filed up?
    11-15-2009 11:02 PM
  9. zarquon's Avatar
    I know about Spotlight, but where and how do I add he Apps after my 11 pages are filed up?
    I've never actually filled up all the pages myself, but my understanding is that you just download and install them as usual, you just won't see them. Typing the first few characters of the app name in Spotlight should bring it up in the list, and you can launch it from there. You have to remember the name of the app, though...
    11-15-2009 11:54 PM
  10. DRTigerlilly's Avatar
    heyyyy, didn't i just say the same thing...i gets no love
    11-16-2009 12:02 AM
  11. IGoSlo's Avatar
    Who was HARD on the BOY... A little critisism and everyone's "HARD"? That's todays gen X for ya. Don't Critique me... I'm SENSITIVE... WA... WA...
    11-16-2009 03:03 AM
  12. IGoSlo's Avatar
    11-17-2009 08:12 PM
  13. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I find it funny, someone posts and asks a question and people give their opinions and then are criticized for it If people didn't give their opinions there would be no point to forums. I thought the responses made alot of sense and no one made it personal so I thought it was a very good response. Anyway like everyone has said you can install more apps than will be displayed on the homescreens. You just install them no special trick to it, then you go to spotlight by swipping left from the 1st homescreen and then type in the start of the app you're looking for ie. Win for Winterboard, etc.
    11-18-2009 11:20 PM
  14. dwayne.williams's Avatar
    I'm impressed that the OP found more than 180 apps that he likes. I actually use a lot of the apps ( not on a daily basis, but every once in a while). I have 79. But I searched the entire catalog and barely came up with 79 that I liked. Why 79? I like to fill the page. I don't lime it when the page is only a fraction filled. It's my oddity.
    11-27-2009 07:18 AM
  15. fernblatt's Avatar
    Heck, I have nearly 1000 apps. Not all are installed on my iPhone or Touch at any one time, though. (most are ebooks, comics or similar as well as many photo-related apps)

    Yea, no problem using them, just use "search" - though in a lot of cases the name of the app vs the name on the icon can be very different.
    11-29-2009 05:02 AM
  16. DaPeeps's Avatar
    I am an appwhore I have 10 pages currently. I love me some apps!
    11-29-2009 09:24 AM