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    RIFF RATERS: iPhone application that allows you to share and rate musical riffs

    San Rafael, CA - October 30, 2009 Joy Entertainment LLC, in partnership with iPhone application developer Big Nerd Ranch, Inc., today introduced the first iPhone application of its kind that allows users to generate musical riffs, with their own instruments via the iPhone/iPod Touch. Riff Raters was created to allow musicians and music enthusiasts alike to share their original riffs with the world.

    Riff Raters enables musicians to spread the news about their music and expand their fan base, says Joy Glenwright, CEO of Joy Entertainment LLC. Musicians can share and get comments about their riffs with the entire App community.

    Riffs are short repeated melodic phrases, usually lasting no more than twenty seconds like a musical tweet. Musicians can record original riffs on their iPhone/iTouch with any instrument through the Riff Raters application. They can then edit riffs with reverb and trimming tools, ensuring they get the exact sound they want. Once they're done, they post the original riff to Riff Raters and watch it climb to the Top 25 charts. Musicians can even use geo-tagging to let others know where exactly they are in the world.

    Even if you dont have an instrument to record a riff on Riff Raters, users can rate and comment on the riffs they hear, browsing by instrument, genre or musician. And as riffs become more popular, they rise up the charts. Fans even have the opportunity to be notified when their favorite riffers upload new riffs.

    Gautam Godse, Software Director of Big Nerd Ranch, Inc., on Riff Raters, The iPhone is fast approaching 100,000 applications, with music applications numbering in the thousands. This application is unlike anything on the market and we believe it will quickly become one of the most popular musical apps in the entire iTunes store.

    It is as easy as Riff. Record. Share. Riff Raters is available for only $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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