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    Hi - I can't seem to find this issue anywhere else, so am starting a new thread.

    I have my iPhone set up to use my home wifi, and it connects fine using standard 64 bit WEP encryption. I have no problems with downloading data: web pages, streaming etc all seem to be ok. However, whenever I try to upload photos to Twitpic, Flickr or Facebook, or video to Youtube and so on, I get timeout errors. I also cannot seem to use any of the Google web apps such as web Gmail or tasks (though for some reason Latitude works fine), getting an error in Safari saying the server is not responding.

    All these things appear fine over cellular networks, it's just over wifi. Turning off WEP security makes no difference. I have tried to forget the network and start over, and have pointed my phone to an open DHCP server without any joy.

    Can anyone advise me?

    Many Thanks!
    11-07-2009 01:41 PM
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    Ok. So obviously the router's not allowing unrestricted two-way Internet access. There's only one thing I can think of for this. Yup, you guessed it...a firewall. Forget the network on your iPhone. Turn off Wifi on your iPhone. Go into your Default Gateway for your router via your PC. Go into the Security Settings. See if the Firewall is enabled. If it is, disable it and save the settings. Turn on the Wifi on your iPhone. Connect to the network. Now try uploading, etc. Let me know if it works.
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    11-07-2009 06:59 PM