1. bcald7's Avatar
    I've had several people complain about a bad echo on their end while talking to me on my 3G.

    Has anyone had this problem?

    Does anyone know of a fix? It's driving me nuts.

    11-02-2009 06:06 AM
  2. jcampbell1070's Avatar
    turn the volume down on your speaker. i have noticed this sometimes and i thank your getting feed back into the microphone
    11-02-2009 06:17 AM
  3. chobbs1's Avatar
    I've had this too and have learned that it can be any number of reasons.
    1. Bad connection through cell network
    2. Bluetooth headset not working properly
    3. If in speaker mode the volume is set too high

    Usually a call back clears it up for me.
    11-02-2009 11:21 AM
  4. Uproarmedia's Avatar
    I have also found this to happen if you "cup" the speaker/mic while holding the phone. I had done this a couple of times to try and block wind while walking outside and it happened. I also have been able to recreate this with 100% success doing this method.
    11-03-2009 01:13 PM