1. HoneyBunny's Avatar
    I have tried to search for this and can't find anything. When people call me my voicemail won't pick up, it just beeps. But once in a while I will get a voicemail so I guess it works sometimes or only with certain calls. I don't know.....any help??
    10-27-2009 10:55 AM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Have you tried calling AT&T?
    10-27-2009 11:02 AM
  3. HoneyBunny's Avatar
    Ya, they said wait a few days and see if it still continues. I called the AT&T store in town and they said come in and they will look at it. I just thought I would ask and see if any of you knew what to do. It is very windy and cold out and I don't want to go, lol.
    10-27-2009 11:47 AM
  4. flyingember's Avatar
    our answer is always to call AT&T
    10-27-2009 11:48 AM
  5. HoneyBunny's Avatar
    Ok, I fixed it. It was going to busy signal not voicemail. I found on another forum to dial #002# call and it fixed it. Thanks
    10-27-2009 02:12 PM
  6. Jeremy's Avatar
    our answer is always to call AT&T
    They should have the answer to an issue like this.

    And I'm glad the OP's problem is fixed.
    10-27-2009 02:17 PM