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    To set the story I was in Cydia earlier today just browsing for themes. The screen went black and the apple boot icon appears.....I was like blah ok it's done this before...Well it gets stuck on the apple screen. I connect to iTunes and it says that an iPhone is connected without a sim card and cannot activate.....I have a jailbroken 8gb 3g on 3.1.2 I've jailbroken 4 phones with blackra1n and all have worked great as with mine...Until this happened...I cannot get it to reboot...I have tried to run blackra1n again and I can get it to go to the screen with the dudes picture but still doesnt boot on...I have also tried to restore it with iTunes and it gives me error 13....I'm running iTunes 9.0 any help would be much appreciated.

    I've read this forum for help before just never became a member. Thanks in advance.
    10-25-2009 01:13 AM
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    10-25-2009 01:26 AM
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    you might post in the jailbreak/unlock section

    10-26-2009 08:27 AM