1. george251's Avatar
    Hi would like some feedback I have 3gs 32 gig phone (at&t) JB . I'm running 3.0 firm ware is there any major difference or advantage to upgrading to the latest firm ware I don't do a lot of texting. and is there any other other to upgrade without using i Tunes (running vista) Thanks george251
    10-23-2009 04:33 AM
  2. lungho's Avatar
    Here's a link to the 3.1 update and you can decide for yourself. the 3.1.2 update includes the same stuff but also fixes some bugs that 3.1 introduced, such as "coma mode."

    Apple - iPhone - New features in the iPhone 3.1 Software Update.
    10-23-2009 08:19 AM
  3. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    One thing I have noticed is that, with the current firmware they fixed a bluetooth bug, for example, in the past if I would be listening to music via BT any keyboard clicks would stop the music for each click, now the clicks and music play together... Actually any noise would yield this result...
    10-23-2009 05:39 PM