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    Hi, this is my first post. Looks like a great forum.

    Recently bought myself an iPhone...I've switched from Blackberry as I've had a few headaches with it since switching to a Mac. Now everything works...hopefully...Mac + Mobile Me + iphone

    Just a few questions.

    1. What's the difference between reset and restart? I know one you just turn off the phone, the other you need to hold the home button + something, but what's the real difference? Does one clear RAM and the other not? Or does both do it? Do I lose any data by doing a reset?

    2. How often should I be doing a reset/restart in attempt to prevent trouble-free operation? After every app install? Daily? Weekly?

    3. When i download Apps from App store, is it saved to my itunes account so I can re-download the full version just in case I want to wipe the device and reinstall or do I have to somehow save the apps onto my mac then resync?

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    First of all....Welcome!!! Glad to have ya here at TiPB!! You are going to LOVE the iPhone+Mac+MoMe. To quote one of the great philosophers of our time, an iPhone+Mac+MoMe goes together "...like peas and carrots."

    #1) I am not sure of the real difference. They both basically clear the memory (cache) and fix any "minor" glitches. No you do not lose ANY data. Just holding down the On/Off button the sliding the "tab" simply turns the device off. I rarely do this. Just a personal thing. Holding down the On/Off button (top) while holding down the Home button (the only other button) will do a "reset". Just hold both down until the unit shuts down and until you see the Apple logo appear, then let go.

    #2) Some people will do a "reset" every time they install an App. I personally do not. I will usually only do this when the device freezes up or starts running slow. Which is very rarely. If I were to guess, I might do it once a month but that is a pure guess. YMMV
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    Resetting the phone is only a last resort task. It's lime pulling the power cord on a PC. Not the best choice

    there is no literal restart option. Intead theres turn off and turn back
    on manually.

    You should only need to do either unless you have a nagging issue
    10-18-2009 04:12 PM