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    When I compose an email, and start typing in a contact, a list pops up that includes old and outdated email addresses that the person no longer uses. And even when I've removed that email address from the contact on my contact list, it still shows that address as an option. How can I permanently delete that email from showing up as an option? Same thing with email addresses that you maybe sent one email to- it remembers that email address, but sometimes you don't want it to.
    10-18-2009 06:57 AM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    10-18-2009 07:31 AM
  3. iBoxtaboy's Avatar
    Thanks. I can't believe you have to restore your phone or jailbreak it just so that you can delete some email addresses.
    10-18-2009 08:04 AM
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    Thread closed.
    10-18-2009 10:04 AM