1. jaimemarcos16's Avatar
    ok so I just bought my friends 3g when she upgraded to the 3gs, however, since she took out the sim card I am unable to use it. itunes wont let me sync without a sim card which totally sucks, i just get a message that reads to insert a valid sim card. so my questions are:

    1) is there a way to sync the iphone without a sim card?
    and if that is not an option
    2) if i go into an at&t store and buy a sim card will i be able to sync even if i havent activated the phone?

    btw just in case you were wondering im only trying to use the iphone as you would an ipod touch (for the apps, music etc) and not trying to use it as a phone.

    thanks for the help
    10-13-2009 09:48 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    1. Not unless you activate via jailbreak.

    2. Same as number 1 unless you activate the sim with AT&T.

    And regarding your last statement, simply jailbreak/activate and you are good to go. You just can not use blackra1n as that does not hacktivate.
    10-14-2009 12:24 PM
  3. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Yeah borrow your friend's SIM pop it into the phone and it will unlock from your current lock. Then JB the phone and unlock it Voila. It's a 3G so hopefully the firmware was never been upgraded beyond 3.0 Even if you JB once you remove the SIM and connect the phone to iTunes it will end up in the same state I've had it happen to me. So once you're unlocked it will accept any SIM and unlocking only takes a few steps. Search through the Jailbreak forums and read up on the different methods to Jailbreak and learn about the upgrading past 3.0 and the problems it causes currently for unlocking. Once you have all your info then away you go
    10-14-2009 12:41 PM