1. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    ...and i must admit, its one hell of a difference!! I had a 2G with the Tmo service and yesterday I DL'd the "sexy girls" video app via cydia and it completely froze my phone. So i hooked it up to the itunes on my PC and it upgraded to 3.1 therefore, i wasnt able to use my phone because it hasnt been unlocked for the 3.1 yet. So i decided to take my SIM out the phone and use my sidekick LX again. <<OMG, i felt like s**t using that phone because i was so used to the iphone. Today, i decided to purchase the 16GB 3GS with att service and i have NO REGRETS!! When i get home tonite im going to JB it and live happily ever after!

    Just thought i should share my story wit u all!
    10-13-2009 03:34 PM
  2. touchyphone's Avatar
    Enjoy it, glad your finally on board w/ AT&T its not as bad as all the whiners will make you think. I average great speeds, never have bad call service! To each their own guess, but AT&T 'been very very good to me.
    10-13-2009 05:15 PM