1. fogkeebler's Avatar
    So here's my issue. I have 2 iPhones and they both are acting odd when it comes to MMS. My phone has 3.01 with the 5.5 carrier update, the tethering profile hack and modem version 4.26.08 and is not jail broken. I can send an MMS but I can not receive an MMS, whether tethering is turned on or not has no affect on it.

    My girlfriends iPhone has the same specs as mine except she don't have the tethering profile hack installed, she can receive MMS but can not send an MMS; her phone also shows the MMS as going through with out error.

    We are on the same billing account from AT&T, use the same iTunes account and use the same iTunes with different profiles set up.

    Today I updated to the new 5.6 carrier update and it did nothing to help my issue on my phone. I have read that some people have had to call AT&T to have their messaging accounts updated.

    Has anyone else experienced this same issue? found a solution? or have any insight on what to do?

    I don't really want to update to the new firmware yet because i havent read enough yet to see that the problems with 3.1 were resolved with battery life plus I'm still in the deciding stage of whether to jailbreak or not.

    Thanks for any input..
    10-10-2009 10:55 AM
  2. IGoSlo's Avatar
    First you need to contact A T & T and find out if BOTH phone's have the MMS switch turned on. If they do NOT have AT & T activate MMS on both iPhone's. That should solve the issue. You say you can send but not receive? Are you sure the sending is completely going through? Double check. I don't think you can do one without the other. I had the same issue and upon further investigation found that my sending MMS was NOT completing. I have 2 3G iPhone's BOTH JB'n BOTH with AT & T carrier file 6.0 BOTH with MMS activated through AT & T. BOTH send and receive MMS. First CALL AT & T to ACTIVATE BOTH iPhone's for MMS, HAND/MGBU, IGoSlo
    10-10-2009 11:22 AM
  3. fogkeebler's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I was planing on calling AT&T today, I figured since we had unlimited messaging on our phones that we would be golden. Ill call anyway.

    I know my MMS's are going through because i have checked with my friends and they all say they got them.

    Thanks for the input.
    10-10-2009 11:38 AM