1. spidermanroach's Avatar
    I have read from a few people that if you turn "OFF" the push option in the "Fetch New Data" section of the Settings you will save the battery from dying as fast. But doesn't this defeat the purpose of push email? Maybe I'm not getting it, but it does sound weird.
    10-03-2009 04:56 PM
  2. sting7k's Avatar
    Well for some people having it update every 15, 30, or 60 minutes is enough and worth it to conserve battery. I don't know if it works for apps though, just email/exchange.
    10-03-2009 05:51 PM
  3. jamiestech's Avatar
    For apps (Such as GPush), you only have the option of turning push on and off. if you really want your Gmail every 15/30m then just use the mail app.
    To turn push for GPush off go to Settings --> Notifications ---> GPush and turn everything off.
    10-04-2009 03:00 PM