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    I inquired within the apple discussion forum with no luck here...
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    Twice in the past 2 weeks (and again this morning) I have seen this issue with iPhone 3G, Exchange 2003, Push ON or OFF. I did not see this in iPhone OS 3.0.

    This appears to be happening with Mail and Calendar. My contacts seem to be unaffected.

    With Mail: I go into mail and the screen is initially blank. It say "Connecting" then "Downloading". My emails appear for a brief second and then they disappear. The badge count for unread emails remains at whatever was unread. This cycle repeats over and over with the mail populating and then disappearing.

    Calendar: Same initial response. Go into calendar and see no appointments. It updates initially with a few reoccurring Holidays, then some annual birthdays, anniversaries, and events. Then all appointments are populated to only disappear. Again, this cycle repeats.

    To correct the issue I delete the account, restart iphone, reestablish account, restart iphone.

    Anyone experience this before?
    09-29-2009 04:20 AM