1. ericg1840's Avatar
    i was wondering if you have the 5.1 carrier file on your phone will itunes recognize that there is still and update so i can get the official released one?
    09-25-2009 11:36 AM
  2. clg82's Avatar
    So answer the question then.. Will we have to update through ITUNES to get the mms? YES OR NO?
    09-25-2009 11:40 AM
  3. phillyslickster's Avatar
    Nothing has been rolled out on iTunes on the East Coast.--not at 1030 am anyway.
    09-25-2009 12:05 PM
  4. RawisTheGameHhH's Avatar
    its out!!!
    09-25-2009 12:08 PM
  5. uoducks's Avatar
    Just got mine in itunes! Portland, OR here!
    09-25-2009 12:09 PM
  6. liadercher23's Avatar
    just checked got a carrier update. In Kansas City
    09-25-2009 12:11 PM
  7. RawisTheGameHhH's Avatar
    but I still cant send MMS; I am rebooting my phone now; THERE IT IS YESSSSSSSSSS
    09-25-2009 12:12 PM
  8. liadercher23's Avatar
    same here got the update and still no MMS!!!
    09-25-2009 12:13 PM
  9. mth785's Avatar
    Just sent my first mms in Topeka, Kansas since I had a razor 3 years ago.
    09-25-2009 12:14 PM
  10. canadu's Avatar
    Just got mine!!! Updating now through iTunes.
    09-25-2009 12:16 PM
  11. Knight's Avatar
    Checked for Updates on iTunes. iTunes said it had a carrier update available, so I updated. Went from AT&T 5.0 to AT&T 5.5.

    The MMS icon now shows up when I text someone, and works as well in Baton Rouge, LA.
    09-25-2009 12:16 PM
  12. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    Just got it! I'm in Denver. But I have a CA number... don't know if that matters.
    09-25-2009 12:16 PM
  13. irjoeyy's Avatar
    GOT ITTTTT! All four iPhones in the house are sending MMS!

    09-25-2009 12:17 PM
  14. liadercher23's Avatar
    People u have tro restart your phone. thats what i did now it works.
    09-25-2009 12:17 PM
  15. hud's Avatar
    In Chicago and I got it 5 minutes ago........YES
    09-25-2009 12:18 PM
  16. iFizzgig's Avatar
    I have it Raleigh. Of course, I don't use text messaging and probably won't start using MMS either. But it's here.

    - iFizz
    09-25-2009 12:21 PM
  17. ptb6744#IM's Avatar
    Just a carrier settings update on iTunes. However, no MMS yet. Just tried turning the phone and on now.
    09-25-2009 12:23 PM
  18. dok's Avatar
    i got it right at 10am. seattle, wa
    09-25-2009 12:24 PM
  19. ptb6744#IM's Avatar
    After turning the phone off and back on, I have the camera logo. Test MMS now. Live in NE PA.
    09-25-2009 12:24 PM
  20. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    Just a carrier settings update on iTunes. However, no MMS yet. Just tried turning the phone and on now.
    Same here. I did a hard reboot and the option is there now though.
    09-25-2009 12:25 PM
  21. penorwood's Avatar
    Just got carrier file 5.5 in Southern California ... rebooted and voila! Camera icon now appears in Messaging. Sent a test MMS and it took several seconds to send but it appears to be working!
    09-25-2009 12:27 PM
  22. photojojo's Avatar
    GOT IT in North Texas!! Jailbroken, running 3.1, carrier file was 5.5. Had to reboot to see it. Syncing my wife's phone running 3.0 now. Have not upgraded to 3.1 on hers yet and got no message about carrier update when I plugged it in either. Just the 3.1 notice.
    09-25-2009 12:28 PM
  23. Jeremy's Avatar
    its out!!!
    Yup, hit the Chicago area around noon on the dot.
    09-25-2009 12:28 PM
  24. ptb6744#IM's Avatar
    It's sending but no one has gotten back to me if they had gotten any pictures yet
    09-25-2009 12:33 PM
  25. Koovin's Avatar
    got mine here in Queens, New York.
    09-25-2009 12:33 PM
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