1. rijc99's Avatar
    If I did installed the AT&T 5.1 carrier version from the MMS hack, do I need to uninstall that and revert back to original version in order for me to get the official release version?

    BTW. MMS started working for me late last week on 5.1 without having to modify any settings described in the hack instructions.
    09-25-2009 12:28 AM
  2. djbbox's Avatar
    i`ll say just restore to make sure. its your best bet
    09-25-2009 12:30 AM
  3. rijc99's Avatar
    Thanks DJBBOX,

    My last backup with the old ipcc file was about 2 weeks ago when I did the hack. I have ipcc 4.0 so I think I'll wait until tomorrow night to see how things are going. If I don't get an update tomorrow I will roll back to 4.0 and then look for the official update. If it all goes wrong, I'll backup to 2 weeks ago.

    There has to be others in the same boat as me. I couldn't have been the only one who applied the 5.1 ipcc through unofficial channels.
    09-25-2009 12:54 AM
  4. djbbox's Avatar
    lol. no problem. i been using the mms for a week now, the only problem is that i dint work with other iphones, but today i just did a restore to keep thing fresh when the update starts just in case to keep the update process smooth.
    09-25-2009 01:01 AM
  5. rijc99's Avatar
    Yeah, I would restore but unfortunately I've made so many changes to the contents of my apps since two weeks ago. If I were able to backup apps independently I would do it despite having to set aside about half a day to do it.
    09-25-2009 01:07 AM