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  1. irjoeyy's Avatar
    I never really thought about it until today, but I don't think I've turned mine off in at least three weeks :P

    How about you guys?

    Yeah rebooting counts too haha sorry I was unspecific. I haven't even rebooted in a while.
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    09-22-2009 10:11 PM
  2. sting7k's Avatar
    What is this "turn off" you speak of?
    09-22-2009 10:15 PM
  3. Microcosmos's Avatar
    Nope I never turn the power all the way off, standby works just fine for me!
    09-22-2009 11:15 PM
  4. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    If rebooting counts, maybe once a week for a few seconds. Otherwise, why turn it off? At most I'll put it on mute or airplane mode for a movie for a couple hours.

    Off? That's just... inconceivable!
    09-22-2009 11:22 PM
  5. cjharley's Avatar
    Hardly ever.
    09-22-2009 11:40 PM
  6. jhamilton3's Avatar
    Only time I ever turn it off is if I need to do a hard reset for some strange reason.
    09-23-2009 12:03 AM
  7. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    I probably reset about once a week. Never EVER is it off for the sole purpose of being off
    09-23-2009 12:13 AM
  8. obee1's Avatar
    I used to do a reboot everyday to clear the memory. then I got the Free Memory app and just use that. Now I only reboot on rare occasions.
    09-23-2009 02:16 AM
  9. djbbox's Avatar
    every two days or so. so to keep things fresh. you know clear memory and stuff.
    09-23-2009 05:02 AM
  10. canadu's Avatar
    Mine barely gets idle time....infact I think it gets ide only when my girlfriend is around. One that note - shout out to all the geek girls out there
    I only rebot mine to free memory but aside from that I will never turn it off. Never
    09-23-2009 06:11 AM
  11. DanCle's Avatar
    I turn mine off each night right before I charge it. As soon as I plug it in, it turns back on to charge. It makes me feel good the next morning when I start fully charged and memory cleared. Not sure if what I do really matters, but it's all about piece of mind for me.
    09-23-2009 08:33 AM
  12. brewers80's Avatar
    Never...Only a reboot once every week or so.
    09-23-2009 08:57 AM
  13. alermo's Avatar
    Turn off my way! Reboot it from time to time - yes, turn off - no.
    09-23-2009 09:14 AM
  14. mth785's Avatar
    I reboot occasionally but turn off, never.
    09-23-2009 11:43 AM
  15. legendofdon's Avatar
    I reboot every couple of days but that's about it. Come to think of it, I've never actually turned a mobile phone off, even when I had dumbphones.
    09-23-2009 12:12 PM
  16. BENGRIMM's Avatar
    I hardly ever have to restart or turn my phone off .
    09-23-2009 07:46 PM
  17. li2327's Avatar
    I usually keep mine on all the time and charge it nightly.
    09-23-2009 08:19 PM
  18. rknowlt's Avatar
    I reboot daily, but I don't think any of my iPhones have ever been turned off for more than a few minutes. My friends actually freak out if they try to call me and it doesn't ring since they know my phone is NEVER off.
    09-23-2009 08:25 PM
  19. snowskier79's Avatar
    Reboot every couple of days, never turn off though.
    09-23-2009 08:44 PM
  20. mtheartist's Avatar
    Mine's always on... How can you keep it off for more than a few seconds? There's no need. You invested in such a powerful and enjoyable device, might as well enjoy every minute of it. Thank you Apple!
    09-23-2009 08:45 PM
  21. Tramain's Avatar
    Never! Unless I'm over someones house and I don't have my charger.
    09-24-2009 05:34 AM
  22. Edamameguy's Avatar
    Only time i ever use my power button is for a weekly hard reset
    09-24-2009 03:10 PM
  23. DBlanco's Avatar
    I reboot about once a week and when I download a new large app
    09-24-2009 04:08 PM
  24. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    Only time I ever turn it off is if I need to do a hard reset for some strange reason.

    my phone stays on 100% of the time!!...except that 1 min it takes to reboot if i DL an app
    09-24-2009 06:14 PM
  25. Greg Orlando's Avatar
    I have turned my iphone off for more than a month just because I did not want it to damage it when I went to my friend's place for that long time. There were many children who would play with my iphone and could damage it.
    09-25-2009 02:36 PM
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