1. legendofdon's Avatar
    I know there are apps out there that say they help fix dead or stuck pixels, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any success with these? I have a few stuck pixels on my phone and I'd like to know if anyone has used these apps to remedy the issue before I go into an Apple store for a replacement.
    09-22-2009 02:07 PM
  2. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I say just go for the replacement, I replaced my screen when I had dust inside. It is literally a 10 minute change and if you get a new phone all the better.
    09-22-2009 03:32 PM
  3. Jeremy's Avatar
    I've heard more stories of people getting stuck with more stuck/dead pixels after using those screens that flash the colors. Go to the Apple store.
    09-22-2009 03:35 PM
  4. BENGRIMM's Avatar
    I would just go visit the apple store , why waste your money on a app that might not work .
    09-22-2009 07:14 PM
  5. legendofdon's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses. Before I go though, isn't there a policy of Apple not exchanging the phone unless there is more than 4 stuck pixels? Mine only has 1 small one but it's one of those things where now that I know it's there I can't help but see it. Do you think I'll be able to get an exchange?
    09-22-2009 08:20 PM