1. jcampbell1070's Avatar
    i noticed with the 3.1 updated the power off times are reduced. the spining gear while turning off only spins 3 times it used to be 23 times and to turn on its only
    takes half the time. has any one else notice this.
    09-18-2009 08:33 PM
  2. penorwood's Avatar
    Yes. It is noticeably faster!
    09-18-2009 10:25 PM
  3. megelc's Avatar
    on what iPhone model are you seeing these improvements?
    09-18-2009 10:49 PM
  4. jcampbell1070's Avatar
    3gs 16gb os 3.1
    09-18-2009 11:56 PM
  5. snakes2003g's Avatar
    my turn off times are the same as yours on my 3G but my startup time is about the same as it was before.
    09-20-2009 09:16 PM
  6. chobbs1's Avatar
    seems faster to me too
    09-21-2009 01:12 AM
  7. JustinHorn's Avatar
    Yeah, it's much faster.
    09-21-2009 12:17 PM
  8. BENGRIMM's Avatar
    I havent turned my phone off for months , will have to try this one
    09-21-2009 12:40 PM
  9. ccryder's Avatar
    Faster than my Tilt w/ MS Mobile 6.1
    10-02-2009 11:27 PM
  10. aej2422's Avatar
    Yea, I've noticed this as well on my 3GS. Worlds faster than my 1st Gen iPhone on 3.0
    10-04-2009 02:14 PM