1. CYaris's Avatar
    My wife and I will be getting iphones within the next few weeks, and I was wondering if applications need to be purchased twice, if we both want to use them. Can they be shared? If so, how? We use two separate computers.

    Also, I already have an itunes account that I purchase music through. Will the iphone be added to that account or can I create a new account? The iphones will be through our business, so I wanted to use our business e-mail addresses. Would I then have two accounts? One for music, and one for phone?

    09-15-2009 01:29 PM
  2. ScottUrman's Avatar
    As long as both phones use the same App store account (which you use for both music and apps), then all apps will be available on both phones.
    09-15-2009 01:42 PM
  3. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Yeah you can share the apps my GF and I both have Iphones and I'm the only one that EVER buys apps LOL. Anyway here's how you can go about it, you can keep all your apps you want to share on one computer and when you sync the Iphone that isn't associated with that computer just be sure to uncheck auto sync, then set it so that nothing syncs on the Iphone except the apps. Then when the Iphone syncs with it's own computer they can have the settings so that it will sync everything except the apps. I haven't tried the new home sharing in Itunes 9 but would it do the apps??? you could try it out and let us know.
    09-15-2009 03:21 PM
  4. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    If you authorize both computers with your iTunes account, then there is no need to only sync with one computer. You can sync to your computer, and your wife can sync to hers.

    Once you purchase an app, you can re-download it as many times as you want. Say you purchase an app on your iPhone. Then your wife can then log into the same account and "purchase" the same app. The app store will first ask if she's sure she wants to buy, say yes. Once the app starts to download, you'll get a pop up informing you that you've already purchased it and ask if you want to download it again for free. You can go through the same process with iTunes on your computers. Just make sure you are both logged into the same account and both computers are authorized to that account.

    Hope that made sense.
    09-15-2009 08:43 PM
  5. Ipheuria's Avatar
    If both of you have Itunes 9 turn on home sharing and both computers can have the same apps. So syncing would be all you would have to do to get the apps onto the phones from each respective computer. There's a thread in this same area about the topic.
    09-16-2009 07:28 AM
  6. Brickman's Avatar
    If both of you have Itunes 9 turn on home sharing and both computers can have the same apps.
    This is what I was about to suggest. This is what my wife and I do. We just use iTunes 9 with "Home Sharing" to share apps and music between my iMac and her Macbook. Now my teenagers all sync their iTouchs to my iMac, so they get whatever Apps I buy as well.
    09-16-2009 07:36 AM
  7. CYaris's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone for their information.

    It is much appreciated.

    09-16-2009 08:05 AM