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    Hello all,

    Im sorry to post again,,but I need 1 more question answered. If I want to figure out if my iphone problems are hardware related,or jailbreak issues,,Can you restore a unlocked iphone without damaging it? i know you can restore a jailbroken phone through itunes,,but I need to restore to original condition,,and then see if everything works,,if it does,,then ill jailbreak and unlock a second time

    Thx in advance

    As of right now,,my iphone is 3.0,and baseband 04.26.08,,but I need to confirm either jailbreaking/unlocking caused the problems,,or if I just got a bad iphone,,period ( hardware related )
    09-11-2009 02:22 AM
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    also ,If I do the shift/restore in itunes,,then select firmware 3.0,,do i need to take the tmobile sim card out during the restore?
    09-11-2009 02:28 AM