1. siinthai's Avatar
    just collected my new phone yesterday

    Starting to play and find my way around...am in Phuket Thailand .

    When i go into compass, gives gps co-ords somewhere in Italy ?????

    am using without sim at the moment as working out address book import etc.
    Any clues ?
    Also can get my MacBook Pro to see it by Bluetooth but not connect - paired .WTF ?
    09-07-2009 04:13 AM
  2. GMJeff's Avatar
    The 3GS uses assisted GPS, which relies on the cell network for triangulation. If you have a SIM card in it and connected to the network, it should be pretty close (within 100 feet or so, maybe more).

    I have had no problems pairing my iPhone to my MacBook, just be sure that the bluetooth is on on both devices and that either the MacBook or the phone is discoverable (depends if you want to initiate the sync on the computer or the phone). You should then get the message that one wants to pair with the other and the security code.
    09-07-2009 03:20 PM