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  1. bldblu's Avatar
    I have Iphone 3G 8gb jailbroke/unlocked modem firmware 04.26.08 (7A341)

    Hello Everyone,

    I purchased a 3g 8gb iphone that has been unlocked/jailbroken.I have had the phone for 4 days,,and have had to do literally about 20 hard starts due to freezing up,,or losing all sound.

    when i recieve a text message.i will read the message,,then hit edit,,and iphone freezes,,i will do a hard start,,then it works until i go to contacts and try to update some email contact info,,all of a sudden it will freeze up,,i do a hard start,,and sometimes it will restart,,but then at the slide to unlock screen,,it will lock up,,i then do another hard start,,and then i can get to the home page.

    also a couple days ago,,i never recieved an important call,because i didnt realize that my sounds were not working,,no ringtones demo,,no itunes,,no speakerphone,,no sound whatsoever,,so i did a hardstart,,nothing no sound,,i then did the headphone trick jiggling it,,and reinserting it a bunch of times,,nothing,,then i blew into the jack in case of dirt,,nothing no sound again,,I then did 1 more hard start,,and sure enough slide to unlock produced that click sound,,then went to speakerphone,,now all of a sudden ive got sound again.

    this is driving me crazy,,Can anybody give me any advice.The functions of the phone all work when its not freezing up,,and i really like the phone,,but im wondering,,if i undo the jailbreak,,but leave it unlocked so i can keep using my tmobile sim card,,would that work?. I really only need a couple iphone apps,text,,and incoming/outgoing calls only,,but Im not ready to give up yet,,i have version 3.0,,but i dont know what firmware? im new to this iphone instability stuff

    Please Help,,and sorry for writing so much,,just trying to explain whats happening exactly

    Thanks again
    09-05-2009 09:46 PM
  2. bldblu's Avatar
    about an hour ago,,everything was working,,and then i got a call on vibrate,,,,no sound worked again,,did hard restart 6 times,,now sounds and speaker working again..I am really lost with this,,Please Help

    Thanks in advance

    Also its not only the sound dissapearing,,the whole phone locks up atleast 3-4 times a day..I know I should just toss it,,but paid 300.00 for it,,and dont have alot of money to replace it,,the phone is in perfect condition,,aestetically,,and when the sound is on,,and its not freezing,,everything works fine,,just really unstable..Im running a tmobile sim from my old blackberry
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    09-05-2009 09:48 PM
  3. GMJeff's Avatar
    People on this forum will more than likely suggest you remove the jailbreak and restore the phone as new. Use it for a couple of days and see if that works out the freezing and sound issues. I believe you can unlock the device without jailbreaking, but I am not sure.

    I am on AT&T and have no need to jailbreak, so maybe someone else can help you out with that.
    09-06-2009 05:26 PM
  4. bldblu's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply,,I still dont know what to do..Today it is acting up even worse,,When you push the sleep,and home button,,its supposed to hard start,,but my iphone with both of those buttons pushed just bring it to the slide to shut off screen,,im really confused now
    09-06-2009 07:32 PM
  5. bldblu's Avatar
    I just checked it again after writing the reply above,,now after 4 days of recognizing my t mobile sim just now its saying no sim installed this is laughable at this point

    the tmobile with 4 bars have been there for almost 5 days,,now no sim installed. can anyone on here help?
    09-06-2009 07:36 PM
  6. chobbs1's Avatar
    your going to have to restore the phone an unlock and jailbreak again. I AM SORRY FOR YOUR MISFORTUNE, but, trying to use the phone on another network and with unapproved software does come with risks. it seems most people have no problems and your phone just happens to be one of the ones that does. the Jailbreak section of these forums are full of wizkids that can guide you in the right direction. Good Luck!
    09-06-2009 11:25 PM
  7. bldblu's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply

    I know its easy,,but do I restore from itunes,,or DFU mode. Im confused on that part..Also in itunes i have version 3.0 now on phone,,if i update through itunes it will be 3.0.1 will 3.0 jailbreak still work

    Thx again

    heading down to the strip as we speak,,lol saw your location chobbs

    pebble/LV blvd
    09-07-2009 12:39 AM
  8. chobbs1's Avatar
    I would do a restore from iTunes. But then again I am unsure how to proceede since your jailbroken.

    Went to the "M" last night for their pool party. Good times!

    Happy labor day!
    09-07-2009 07:47 AM