View Poll Results: Glass up or down?

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  • Glass up!

    83 75.45%
  • Glass down!

    27 24.55%
  1. pourme's Avatar
    Glass down, but only because the Speck CandyShell case I use creates a lip for that purpose -- if I didn't have a case that created a lip, I'd be glass up...
    My exact same which choice (above) di I check?...
    09-17-2009 11:51 AM
  2. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar
    iSkin isn't bad, I had one in the past.. still looking for my perfect case

    and Mugs, just say thank you next time
    thank you
    09-17-2009 02:13 PM
  3. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    see wasn't that easier
    09-17-2009 05:44 PM
  4. SpdDemon426's Avatar
    Glass down and my phone is never out of its otterbox defender case..
    09-18-2009 04:40 AM
  5. lineskier22's Avatar
    Screen protector on, glass down. I don't use as case, the phone is so much better without a case. I don't want the back to get scratched. HATE SCRATCHES!
    09-18-2009 08:02 PM
  6. Edamameguy's Avatar
    Glass up, since i have a study case =]
    09-20-2009 11:25 PM
  7. earl-ku's Avatar
    it depends on how i was holding it before palcing it down as i have a silicon case and a screen protector

    so it doesnt really matter for me if its glass up or down ...
    09-28-2009 09:37 PM
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